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Dr. Munchkinn and Fritz
“Bite me, duck.”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
12 Tabby Cat Video games, drawing, and spending time in the woods. Strip #1

Dr. Victor Munchkinn and Dr. Fritz are two outrageously-accented scientists who specialize in the paranormal. Initially called to Peter’s house by Ezzy (in a panic over what she thinks are ghosts), these two always bring a new bevy of scientific equipment to try and obtain proof of paranormal activity.

As their plans continue to grow in scale and boldness, just how far will they go to find ze spooky ghosts?

“i’M An oSTrIch!! Ha-hA-hA!!”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
12 Gecko Potatoes, the Eagle Scouts, and non-frisbee-shaped objects. Strip #8

Ezzy (short for Esmerelda) is Peter’s twin sister, and is very much the opposite of him in many ways. Whereas Peter is creative with art and music, Ezzy is more of an athletic tomboy. Peter is socially awkward and has trouble keeping friends, while Ezzy is popular. She even is best friends with both Peter’s worst enemy (Chelsea) and his crush (Whitney).

She has no need for a Guardian, so Ezzy is completely blind to Seth’s actions around Peter. Yet she still thinks there’s something strange in the house, which leads her to believe that their home is haunted.

Iggy and Skin
“Your imaginary friend can’t save you NOW, freak!!”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
13 Bear Her pet bunny Pearl. Oh, and focusing on Peter, to an almost unhealthy level. Strip #18 / #42

Igneous T. Gecko, aka “Iggy,” is another 12-year-old with a special invisible friend. As a more carefree child, Iggy is usually happy-yet-oblivious, and has a history of finding himself in precarious situations. Upon meeting Peter, he immediately becomes a loyal (yet goofy) friend.

Iggy’s assigned guardian is Skin, a snake with a lisp. Overly protective of Iggy, Skin usually sticks to him like glue wherever they go and is a bit high-strung because of it.

Jeff and Eddy
“Quote Goes Here”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
12 Calico Cat Sports, Video games, and a belief that their house is haunted. Strip #18

Jeff is a disgruntled monkey postal worker who delivers the mail to Peter’s neighborhood. Eddy is a cheerful blue dog who follows him around and pesters him while he’s on the job.

And one of them may be more than meets the eye.

“Well, WHITNEY demands you BACK OFF!!”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
12 Cat Video Games, Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy, and Drawing Anime/Cartoons Strip #101

Korgar is a massive beast of an orc who teaches math at Peter’s school. He typically is preceded by a loud, thunderous stomping as he approaches the classroom each day. He speaks with a perpetual outdoor voice and often sends his pupils flying through walls with a swing of his hammer — and that’s if they got the question right!

He also keeps an army of 37 kittens in the drawer of his desk. His “minions,” as he calls them. Don’t question it.

Peter and Seth
Age Species Likes First Appearance
??? Fel Orc The Laws of Mathematics, Singing, and his Minion Kittens Strip #76

Peter is a 12-year-old tabby cat who has spent his childhood so far as a social outcast. A bit of a loner and socially awkward, he has had trouble with bullies both at school and in his own neighborhood, ultimately preferring the company of himself and a video game or sketchbook over that of other kids.

That all changed the moment Seth appeared in his life. A white-suited duck whom only Peter can see, Seth has been assigned as Peter’s Guardian, and as such remains by his side both as an invisible companion and a source of guidance and wisdom.

Throughout the comic Seth never forces Peter to do the right thing, often leaving it up to the young cat to decide the right path for himself. Based on how things have gone so far, Peter still has a long way to go before he no longer needs Seth’s help.

The Worms
“You should see the looks on their faces!”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
Unknown Worms/Spiritual Beings Causing mayhem, mischief, and being an invisible nuisance to the world at large. Strip #28

The Worms are essentially the tiny gremlins of the Guardian universe. Eternal troublemakers, they thrive on chaos and love to torment those who cannot see them. They are thieves, pranksters, and con artists, but are limited to using objects within the environment to pull off their schemes.

The only thing preventing them from inflicting pain directly on the world’s population is a Guardian law stating that they cannot touch individuals who are blind to them. So instead, they truly enjoy focusing their attention on those who CAN see them: i.e. kids with Guardians, like Peter and Iggy.

“You’re a DOG!! Your duties involve POOPING and LICKING THINGS!!” “What a shallow yet satisfying life I lead.”
Ages Species Likes First Appearance
Jeff: 32
Eddy: Unknown
Monkey and Dog Jeff: Punctuality and responsibility. Eddy: Being overly-cheerful around Jeff to the point of obnoxiousness. Strip #49

Whitney is a young purple cat who moves in to Peter’s neighborhood one day and becomes friends with Ezzy and Chelsea. On first sight, Peter immediately falls head over heels for her and becomes completely incapable of even talking to her.

Personality-wise, Whitney shares quite a bit in common with Peter, particularly in terms of their interests. She is into art and creativity, video games, RPG’s, comic books, and other geek-related subjects. It’s just a shame Peter’s too shy to get more than a few words out at a time.

“Ve are detectink a PAR-R-R-R-R-Ranormal prezence in zhis house!”
Ages Species Likes First Appearance
Dr. M: 46
Fritz: 35
Cat Likes Go Here Strip #57 / #59
  • Alex Smith

    Farron: “Attack those bastards behind us.”
    Scrab: I’ll do what I want *gets shot with arrows and hit with magic*
    Scrab: I want to attack those bastards behind us.

    • cr1ms0n t1ger

      So, I’m guessing the Staggles are gonna be hurt, or even dead… Mason will be devastated.

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        No! Not Bo- Wait, Bob’s a girl? Still:

        …which never would have happened if Farron didn’t steal that jewel. Which never would have happened if Dante didn’t inform him that the sale was going on. Which never would have happened if Rosalyn didn’t tell him about the sale in the first place. Which never would have happened if Sesame didn’t give Farron a… problem… he needed to take care of. Which never would have happened if Sesame wasn’t injured trying to slay that rare creature. Which NEVER would have happened if Claire didn’t pull the wacky dollar prank on Farron. Which never…

        I’m sensing a pattern here…

  • Synigma

    OMG, that’s seriously one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while… my next D&D game has to have a bag of holding that is also a mimic that guards itself from anyone but the owner. Obedience issues optional, but that would certainly add a level of fun to it…

    • Valkeiper2012

      You do DnD, I’ll do Pathfinder.

      I’ll also see about getting it into Traveller5

  • Anomaly

    Oh, it’s a mimic. And a hungry one at that. I thought those things were mainly disguised as chests.

  • neksuscat .

    Faron deserves some ass-whoping for all this! >:C

    • Kaeto

      Faron deserves to exchange places with Bob.

      • Xylas Incarnum

        Is kibbles any good as a healer?

        • Valkeiper2012

          Boy, the first panel shows to good reflection Claire is much larger than Kibbles.

          It’s time for Kibbles to prove she CAN heal. I very much doubt a fiery misspell would be worse than what Bob’s going thru right now.

          • cr1ms0n t1ger

            And if the worst comes to pass, a quick death is much more humane.

          • AnonAnon

            Something tells me either she heals bob, or that gem Faron took comes into play. Or he has a potion is his magic bag. 😐

          • Cory Tenorio

            Ass whooping? I demand blood for blood!!

          • TheRebelLion96

            Even the heavens weep. :'(

      • Xylas Incarnum

        Or fork up some healing potions from that mimic of his.

    • Victor Masi

      wow….that escalated faster than a reaction to the death of any major character on Game of Thrones

      • neksuscat .

        You can kill all the people, no matter how much of a major characters they are, but don’t you DARE killin an animal or watchers will eat the one who done that alive!

        • Anomaly

          Well, if she messes up they can always have roast Bob for dinner. And maybe a nice side dish of Farron kebabs.

          • Tallon-1

            go kibbles go ;-;

      • Jack Mcslay

        Well since she’s already dying, considering what happened last time, worst case scenario they’ll have a barbecue

        • Regulos14

          My thoughts exactly except I thought Mason would get angry and actually start fighting someone with his insane strength.

          • Chris Brune

            Actually, I don’t think Mason is likely to go berserk, it’s far more likely if something goes wrong that he’ll simply shut down, retreat into a state of manic depression that will be nearly impossible to rouse him from. Not everyone in the world has a ‘rage trigger’ that turns them into unstoppable fighting machines.

          • Victor Masi

            Lord of Light, please make sure Kibs doesn’t screw this up….again.

          • Facade Kitsune

            always the quiet ones

          • This is completely off-topic, but I just realized that the background image for the site doesn’t scale up to 1440p.


          • Timecapsule13

            I think that may break Mason if it gets set on fire.

          • Valkeiper2012

            Dante, time for you to show up and make this whole affair perfect

        • Chuck

          I had the same thought on the previous page.

          • Teh Phuufs

            Bob comes first -anger after. 🙂

          • Night-X

            A guy that can swords about the about size as he is and can lift stuff pass five time his weight easy. Then I have no hope for the little rat to a win fight with that much raw power.

          • cr1ms0n t1ger

            Mason SMASH!

  • Alex Smith
    • Tallon-1

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;-; (goddamnit feels go away)

  • Researcher Mightyena

    You were good son. Real good. Maybe even the best

    • Majinkoba

      Wow the audacity to think they should be concerned or even thanking him, someone needs a hard kick to what has to be steel balls

  • Borderwolf

    In the second panel, it looks like Kib’s dress has flipped up enough to reveal that from the look of it, she isn’t wearing underwear.

  • Gotch

    As usual nothing tragic can happen without rain.

  • Majinkoba


    • deathknight

      Mason punch the rat a few more times.

    • Ratz

      Mason is like some-type of an Berserker.

    • SgtBash96

      Words can not express…

      • Alex Smith
        • Pilgrim

          Well, from all the characters in this comic Mason is the most pitiful. All of them have issues and problems, but at least they try to do something about it. With the exception of Mason who cant muster some balls to stand up to his abusing uncle an takes out his frustration on bystanders like Sesame(nice move, dick hulk) and Farron(at least HE deserved some of the beating). Been there, done that, not worth it.

          • James-Polymer

            I’m sorry, please explain to us all the mental vagaries of an abusive family relationship, given your psychology degree at Horse Apples University? His uncle might be a dick, but he’s the only family Mason has–and despite his many flaws, Mason still loves him like family. Perhaps you should speak with those who actually suffered abuse from a loved one, and see just how easy it is to “muster some balls,” as you so lovingly put it.

          • cr1ms0n t1ger

            Mason, chill. If my “Claire & the destiny of the group” theory is correct, we need Farron alive for the sake of the plot. So take a deep breath, calm down and think of something pleasant. For instance: you having your own armory, and the Kibbles, Sesame and Claire being there, just cause, wearing high quality, skimpy armor that provides the same defense rating as it’s counterpart for guys.

          • Pilgrim

            Uh, I know its the internet, but could you perhaps refrain from insults? Thank you.
            Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so of course you can think that someone who mentaly abuses his children and beats them bloody to the point of leaving visible scars just “might” be a “dick”, but with all due respect I fail to see where one can find such tolerance for such people.
            As for Mason, its actually quite sensless to try feigning understanding of the problem of abuse from loved ones simply by talking with the victims. Only someone who was the target of such vile action can understand its hardship. Nevertheless its the source of abuse that needs to be confronted. Nor tragic past nor abuse in any kind can justify hurting others to let out frustration and anger.

          • Sianmink

            Yikes. Protip: Don’t push a victim of physical abuse over the breaking point. It ruins everyone’s day.

        • Majinkoba

          You know what shocks me the most? Not Mason’s anger, not that he was moved to violence, but his potty mouth, not in front of Kibbles, see look how shocked she is at your language man.

          • Valkeiper2012

            actually, I think she’s shocked at the violence Mason just did to Farron.
            after all, she’s looking at Farron gasping for breath, not Mason.
            Kibbles is a kind heart and THIS sort of thing probably is new to her.

            In fact, Mason may have done some internal damage as well.
            Farron wasn’t exactly prepared for it.

          • CJ

            oh dang

          • DarkMyste

            oh mason turning into his uncle but he is right they did invite farron on this little adventure..
            nowthat we seen what the gentle giant can do i predict dante will be making a appearance to save her brother

          • Cory Tenorio

            He’s a berserker.

          • TheRebelLion96

            Uh…is this a bad time? Because I can come back next week.

  • Autistic observer

    I have been that angry before. When situations get on top of me in a bad way (anger, frustration,sadness etc) I’ve been known to go into a rage mode of sorts. Also, like Mason shows when he tones it down for Sesame, I can sometimes hold myself back to begin with, but is I am pushed more then I start to lash out and further prodding makes me lash out more. Firends and family have learned the danger signs (and I can normally tell when I am about to go into ‘hulk mode’ so I give them fair warning) so it does not happen as often as when I was younger.

    • Victor Masi

      Mason really needs to eat a Snickers

      • Teh Phuufs

        This ^^^^^^^^^

        • Pillbug


      • somebodywhoknowsthings

        this guy right here folks ^

      • Aaron Peterson

        He gets a little angry when he’s hungry.

        • Valkeiper2012

          THIS is a little?
          Can I see your dictionary?
          Your definition of ‘little’ seems to be slightly different from mine.

        • MrAMP

          Granted that the situation is dire, but not is not the best time for sarcasm Claire. XD

          • Majinkoba

            Mason has led a pretty sheltered life exposed to only his Uncle as a male role model for far too long, he needs to get away from him and fast. Hopefully this little outing will teach him some things and gain him some independence.

          • Vulpine Warrior

            Jill boils over once more!

          • Facade Kitsune

            or just still

          • yachris

            Protective brotherly instincts (that may ERR will be deeply misunderstood) kicking in in 3, 2, 1…

          • Jonathan Vasquez

            Going to say this now. Now she can summon a weapon using the gauntlet since it choose her. That means each uber has a will of its own, letting me to also assume each one has its own personality fitting the wearer too. I also believe that uber comes at a great cost besides being fused. Like she’s been marked or infected. You guys agree?

          • Divenity

            Bad luck, haha… I’m reminded of a quote from the great Red Forman, “You don’t have bad luck, the reason bad things happen to you, is because you’re a dumbass.”

            Silly Farron, you made your own bad luck.

          • warhawk

            Now Farron needs some major healing before he dies from internal bleeding.

          • AustKyzor


        • Bolt

          I’m rather surprised by how many comments say Farron deserved what he got. I mean…yeah, he’s got an abrasive personality and he did force Mason to act as his getaway vehicle, but Mason just straight-up tried to KILL him. If Farron hadn’t dodged, his head would’ve been paste! How is that balanced retribution?

    • Gravedigger

      this is where Farron learns he isn’t as tough as he thinks he is.
      also the song “dangerous man” by Trace Atkins comes to mind here

  • Anomaly

    Now that’s more like it. Go Mason!

  • Sable

    Welp, this is what happens when a nice guy is pushed too far.

  • Arthur Frelling Dent

    toldja… Mason may be a fair man, with a lot of patience… but everyone has a limit. Farron is the kinda guy to always push limits. I think he sold Mason short, and lost.
    great story, Skidd.

  • Gravedigger

    found this on my ringtones list and thought it might be appropriate

  • Tim Sparkes

    Mason is now favorite character

  • Dart Devious

    I am hoping Mason to beats him to death. Er… I mean friendship.

  • Silvermain

    Now we just need him to Apologize to Sesame for what he said, and we’ll be right as the rain falling on their heads.

    • Destry Soule

      i dont know what he said was correct she didnt do her job at all he could of said it bedtter yes but nothing he said was wrong.

    • Vulpine Warrior

      Yeah! You tell ’em, Jill!

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    *gets a latter and uses it to get to the same high as Mason to hug him* Dude, trust me. We all get angry and want to strangle the world until we feel better. We’re just mere mortals after all. So just take a deep breath and relax.

    And Claire: you of all people don’t get to complain. All of this is kinda, indirectly your fault. No, really. If you trace all of the steps back – should I just write the “Claire and the Destiny of the group” theory so I can stop posting comments like these?

  • Ratz

    Mason is a Berserker Alright.

  • Great Basin Coyote

    Is Jill wearing a push-up bra underneath the outfit? Talk about bazookas and sweater puppies…

  • Jarn Argence

    and just in time for Halloween, a character who embodies an idea they both find frightening…

  • Gaboris


  • zophah

    Dude, your sister is a whore. =P

    • knite

      and into incest.

  • Bushmaster

    Not what he was expecting.
    This is about the last bit I remember from the old site, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Wait, wait… why is she implying she may not be his sister by blood or is this another ruse to be with Art? What you guys think? Trick or truth of her not being his sister?

    • EnvyDragon

      I don’t think she’s implying anything. I think she’s trying to say “look, objectively it just makes sense for us to be romantically involved, all you gotta do is ignore that pesky ‘inbreeding’ thing, since that seems to be the only reason you’re objecting.”

  • MrAMP

    I suspect that Art either has the worst of luck or the universe is just messing with him for fun. I highly doubt the humans had anything to do with this as they’re in space. I mean, it’s just dumb luck that they happen to get their five targets all in one place like this…right? I mean wait…did the humans actually somehow influence all this just to capture these five characters? If yes, then I must tip my hat off to them as that’s some stellar intelligence and planning on their end.

  • Silvermain

    The gauntlet Sesame is now..let’s just say, Stuck with. Really reminds me of the Oni gauntlet in Onimusha….loved those games.

    • Cory Tenorio

      You still play that?

      • neksuscat .

        I sure do. :p

      • Silvermain

        Wish I could…We don’t have a PS2 or a PS3 that can run it anymore.

      • somebodywhoknowsthings

        until now I’ve never even heard of it

        • Cory Tenorio

          Try it. It’s free on ps4

          • Fargus Lien

            That glove is very stingy to those that aren’t Sesame. Well let’s hope it can do all types of things like gauntlets are suppose to do.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Lost colony. Latest theory: Evyr is a lost colony.

    OK. Claire’s machine did have a flux capacitor, but it was meant as a teleportation pod. So, what if she didn’t travel through time, but, in truth, stumbled across a world that was lost to her people.

    They mentioned a cataclysm. A huge disaster that made Evyr lost. Could be the result of an experiment gone wrong. During all that time, it’s society degraded technologically and culturally to the point we see now. So… there is a possibility.

    • DarkMyste

      interesting, or maybe its separation from the other civilization sorta like star trek where the people was living at different speed that separated them from the other society began to advance thru the ages but yet the separated didn’t advance due they dont have the people to advance at the steps like the others civilizations if so its going to be fun to figure out

    • Valkeiper2012

      like what happened when a certain somebody used her teleport pod, maybe?

    • Jonathan Vasquez

      For now, it’s too early to say but I think after analyzing the story and “hints” Claire is in a video game. If you think about it and look at the clues it makes sense on why things work or go the way they do. Best way I can give a justified example is like SOMA combined with The Maze Runner. The people’s personality are real but the world is fake. Claire and Proto are real. I am certain she’s in a game. That’s what I figured so far along with the Uber consequences of usage.

  • DarkMyste

    i wonder does that mean there uber sword that will bond with sesame if we are going by the emblem there is maybe 3 more out there sword, sheild and maybe armor? that bond with her and make her power increased and be controlled?

  • Alex Smith
    • DarkMyste

      no picture

  • Lodus

    This gauntlet reminds me of Legend of legaia’s Ra-Seru.

  • Manuel8123

    I can see Farron already dying to protect sesame :v

  • Dart Devious

    The gauntlet is magically matching Sesame’s armor’s color scheme.

  • Victor Masi

    Farron, do not become addicted to shiny things. They will take hold of you, and you will resent their absence.