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Comic #177: Peter’s Chance

Comic #177: Peter’s Chance published on 3 Comments on Comic #177: Peter’s Chance
And now we see Peter adopting the same strategy that I took to approaching girls I liked when I was his age. That is, to completely avoid them at all costs. Heck, when I was REALLY young (like around second grade or so) I usually wasn’t even able to make eye contact with a girl if I had a crush on her. I was definitely a shy little twit. There was only one instance where I was uncharacteristically brave around a girl I liked, but that story will be told a bit later on, hehe.
  • Chromoid

    Oh yes. She just went there.

    Good to see Miss High-and-Mighty getting some Humble Pie for once.

  • Tech

    In the immortal words of Nelson Huntz, Bully of Springfeild;
    Haw Haw!

  • MrAMP

    I’m getting the feeling that she took a right and then a right because she said right. xD