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Comic #249: Uninvited Guest

Comic #249: Uninvited Guest published on 7 Comments on Comic #249: Uninvited Guest
So now that Eddy has seen where Jeff spends his days after work, what could possibly be his plan to help the sad little monkey? An Awesome Announcement: Be sure to check out the all-new sequel series to Peter & Company, Peter & Whitney, hosted exclusively right here on the Katbox! Updates will continue for both comics, with new pages being uploaded on alternating Mondays from here on out. So if you’re curious to see where the kids of P&C end up in a few years — and what will happen to Peter and Whitney in the future — make sure to follow the new pages as they come!
  • MrAMP

    You know, a random thought recently occurred to me. What is Eddy’s
    desire in helping Jeff out exactly? He’s a Guardian after all.
    Shouldn’t he be helping out kids or something?

  • Gaboris

    Didn’t even notice that we were already this far. Congrats guys, nice work! 😀

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Let’s continue on with this story!
    All the way to the bitter end!

  • Shadowkey392

    150 pages, whee! Congrats!

  • SnYves

    Well done, Captain! *salutes*

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    W00t! 😀

  • Theobservantwolf

    Woo! Congrats on the milestone guys! Here’s to the next 150 and then some!