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Comic #262: Your Funeral

Comic #262: Your Funeral published on 6 Comments on Comic #262: Your Funeral
This page introduces a character who has been mentioned in past pages, but has never been shown until now: Rita, Chelsea’s foster mom. As can be assumed since she’s been mostly absent or out-of-sight before this page, the two don’t exactly share a very close familial relationship. Instead, Rita basically acts as a room and board, treating Chelsea more like a tenant than a potential daughter. Another reason why Chelsea has needed Pearl all this time, which will make losing her all the more difficult. In other P&C-related news, as of last week we have started up an official “Peterverse” channel on Discord! If you use the app and would like to chat it up with the authors and dozens of other readers of the comics, head on over and join in!
  • Gravedigger

    perfect view of rachel

  • Madcat

    °plays the death march° poor Chloe taken from us so young XP

  • MrAMP

    If I were a wagering man, Rite is simply allowing Chelsea to stay there for the funds the state provides for foster children.
    Also, the irony is quite amazing on this page.

  • KLiCK

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in honor of Chloe, both the real and fake one.

    • Glenn Sellers

      I think you mean, Persephone/Pearl.

      • KLiCK

        I know